• Bury System 9 BasePlate

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    The Bury System 9 Car Kit is ideal for vehicles already fitted with a Bluetooth phone system, or for drivers that prefer using a headset.

    The Bury System 9 adds the function of holding and charging your phone whilst you are on the road. The Bury System 9 Car Kit made up of two main components, the first is the Bury System 9 Premium BasePlate and the second in a Bury System 9 Active Cradle.

    The benefits of the Bury System 9 Car Kit;

    • Once the kit is installed, you'll never need to buy another car kit again because the cradles are interchangeable
    • You can add powerful internal or external antennas to the system to increase signal strength, not included
    • Your phone will be held in a commercially designed holder to stay within the laws of most Australian states
    • We have installers all over Australia that are trained and authorised to install the Bury car kit range
    • You can still use your vehicle's internal Bluetooth phone system or use a headset for private conversations

    Installing the Bury System 9 BasePlate

    The Bury Premium BasePlate can be installed in two ways. The first way is to attach it to your vehicle windscreen using a Bury Windscreen Mount, which is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

    The second way is to mount it to your car dashboard or centre console and we recommend with this method that you use a professional installer which we can recommend. Typically, a professional installer will supply a bracket for your vehicle and attach the BasePlate to that mounting bracket.

    Charging your phone on the road

    Once the BasePlate is installed your Bury System 9 Active Cradle will snap into it and then your phone can be charged in one of two ways. The first way is to have the Installer connect your BasePlate to the power wiring in your vehicle which is usually quite easy for them to do and then each time the ignition is switched on in the car, power is supplied to your Bury System 9 Cradle. This is the most common way and it is usually the neatest and best long term installation method.

    Alternatively, you can ask the Installer to connect the power to a 12v or 24v plug and use the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket to power the Bury System 9 Cradle.

    The beauty of the Bury System 9 Car Kit is that once your have the Premium BasePlate installed you can simply swap the cradle over each time you get a new phone. Bury make cradles for almost every mobile phone on the market and for less common models they make a universal cradle.