Simplified: NSW Mobile Phone Driving Laws

Securing your phone in the car & using it whilst driving There are quite a few rules when it comes to using your phone legally and safely in the car but after thoroughly reading and understanding them there are two main parts that you need to adhere to. This simplification only addresses fully licensed, provisional P2 (green Ps) and cyclists. Aspect 1: Using your phone whilst driving You can use your phone whilst driving provided that your phone can be operated without touching any part of the phone. So you could do that via a Bluetooth Headset or Speakerphone or a Voice activated command through your car kit. Many new cars now come with buttons mounted on the steering wheel and using those to answer and hang up calls is ok too. Aspect 2: Holding and securing your phone To use your phone as Sat Nav or to play music through your phone etc, even to simply to have it switched on in the car it needs to be held in a commercially designed holder or cra ..


Stay Safe & Legal with this Amazing Headset

How one headset keeps you safe and legal So the basis of the "Mobile Phones and Driving" road rules in most Australian states is based around two things. The first is that you can't touch your handset in order to use it so that only really leaves you with Voice Activation, which is fine when it works well. The best Voice Activation products are those that allow you to do some voice training such as the Bury CC 9060, once you complete the voice training the accuracy is amazing, you can speak quickly, mumble or cough halfway through an instruction and it still works. The second part of the road laws states the phone must be held in a commercially designed holder or cradle. However, something that is not known by everyone is that your phone can be stored in your pocket or in a bag of some sort. This means that you can put your phone in the back of the car out of reach and so long it's connected with Bluetooth you can manage all your calls with voice prompts You might ..