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Sonam Keshwani - Monday, September 28, 2015

How one headset keeps you safe and legal

So the basis of the "Mobile Phones and Driving" road rules in most Australian states is based around two things. The first is that you can't touch your handset in order to use it so that only really leaves you with Voice Activation, which is fine when it works well. The best Voice Activation products are those that allow you to do some voice training such as the Bury CC 9060, once you complete the voice training the accuracy is amazing, you can speak quickly, mumble or cough halfway through an instruction and it still works.

The second part of the road laws states the phone must be held in a commercially designed holder or cradle. However, something that is not known by everyone is that your phone can be stored in your pocket or in a bag of some sort. This means that you can put your phone in the back of the car out of reach and so long it's connected with Bluetooth you can manage all your calls with voice prompts

You might be thinking that won't be any good because you won't know who is calling but the Plantronics Voyager Legend takes care of that. It has an "Announcer" function, so long as the person calling you is in your address book the headset will tell you who it is and then you can instruct how the call should be handled by simply speaking.

So, you can keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road and cash in your wallet!

Surely other headsets do the same thing?

  • Yes other headsets do offer the functions and facilities that I've mentioned above BUT I haven't tested one yet that does it quite so well. If you think you know a better headset that is available on the Australian market then please let me know and I will carry out a back-to-back test with the Voyager Legend.
  • Plantronics on the whole are probably my favourite manufacturer of Bluetooth Headsets, it's generally all high quality premium gear and whilst there are quality differences within the Plantronics range , the quality all seems to be in line with the pricing.

The Plantronics isn't cheap, what else does it do?

  • As we all know the best products usually aren't but it does come with a huge list of great features, some of them are in the video below.
    • World-class wind and noise protection
    • Moisture Protection so you can use it in the rain
    • Streaming audio for music and video
    • Smart Call Routing - voice activation
    • Precision Audio
    • Call Announce & Voice Commands
    • Apps, easy firmware updates & more

    Conclusion: is this the best solution?

    It might not be the best overall solution but for the price is ticks all the boxes and your phone calls will be clear and professional. Ideally I would combine this with a Bury System 9 Car Kit so your phone is held in a "commercially" designed holder and the System 9 Bury Kit will also charge your phone once you turn the key and you can add an extra antenna for better signal strength.

    The benefit of a Bluetooth Headset over a fully installed car kit is that you can use the headset in many places, even in your office, home or work site just to keep your hands free.

    You can order the Plantronics Voyager Legend with fast Australian Delivery - just click on this link

    For Bury System 9 Car Kits, look to the menu on the left hand side of this page and find your phone, inside you will find the Bury System 9 Car Kit.


    What's in this video?

    It's an official Plantronics Voyager Legend Video to show off some of the great features that is it has... certainly worth a watch if you are considering one.

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